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We first met in Colombia, married here and spent the following three years in the US. I am Colombian, speech pathologist and originally from Cali, my husband Rick is from New York and has been a contractor for more than 15 years.

We wanted to return to Colombia and open our own business, having a home and renting out some rooms. Our first ideas were to create rentable offices or student-rooms. But Rick had always dreamed about having his own B&B. I didn’t know what to expect and so we contacted several architects for new ideas. Since Rick lately specialized in rebuilding and restoration, he had the perfect knowledge about what was to come. So we bought the old house four years ago in Teusaquillo and simply started. And here we are!


We support and participate in

We are engaged in several social activities and share a big heart for animals and nature!


We take care of our Teusaquillo Park

We are part of a social board, Junta de Accion Communal de los Barrios Teusaquillo y La Magdalena, a social community project caring about the Teusaquillo and La Magdalena neighborhood in general. We support local artists and impart jobs in our neighbourhood.
We work with different district offices: SDM (Transportation and roads), Teusaquillo mayor’s office, Park and Greenspace authorities, helping the police in keeping the “CAI”, their local park-stations, clean. And we are in the committee responsible for renovation and administration of the sidewalks and roads and cooperate with the IDPC, the institute for cultural and architectonic heritage.


We support animal shelters

We have three cats of our own, but they are not allowed to enter the Inn. We support and pay shelters outside of Bogotá for street dogs & cats, including their medical treatment and sterilization and also try to find them new homes. We care for ducks in Bogotás National Park and its lake, invest in better enclosements and planted cacti as natural fence to protect the ducks breeding places from dogs and cats.
All organic waste of our Inn is grinded, composted and used as fertilizer for the Inn and our neighbours gardens and flowers. We also took the sponsorship of 70 trees in the park across the street and employ a gardener for cleaning and upkeeping its flora.



Bogotás streets form a grid, where a “Calle” run from east to west and a “Carrera” from north to south. We are located in: Calle 34, Carrera 17, House number 1
If you arrive at the airport El Dorado, only use the official yellow Taxis! You must join the line or Que outside the airport. It will take about 25 minutes to reach us and cost around  $30.000 COP.

Bogotá Bed&Breakfast Inn
Calle 34 # 17 – 01
Teusaquillo, Bogotá

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