To this great article from The Guardian, England, wrote on February 2017, we have to add that Bogota is a city that congregates different regions of Colombia, people coming to work, study or open businesses. The city is so open and diverse that a lot of foreigners also come to make a living on this bustling city: restaurants, touristic tours, cafes, and so on. We also would like to add that the capital of Colombia, Bogota, has 63 museums. Some of them are free, and the rest are not expensive at all. For senior citizens there are discounts or not charge at all to enter main attractions. The city also has many touristic tours that are free, information offices, bicycles rides, and concerts on the street… Bogota is a city for you. It is not different than any other big city in the world in terms of precautions you need to have to be safe. The Uber transportation is saving everybody a lot of headaches. There are also taxi apps that you can download to be safe when visiting Bogota, and not to be overcharged. However if you happen to take a taxi on the street is Ok. Come and visit Bogota. At our accommodation we will make sure you will have one of the best experiences of your life.

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