Associated People

José Antonio Amaya is one of the most intellectual friends Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN has. One day he was passing by the neighborhood and got curious about the house and the construction work we got going on. Beatriz invited him to come in and check out the interior. Since then we are friends.
He has another heritage house in Barrios Unidos, close to Teusaquillo, and he is on the process of repairing and restoring it.
We have been invited to his home more than one time. Every time we go we can not stop being amazed by the gorgeous and well preserve building and by all the fine furniture and objects it has. 

He is a Ph-D on history from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France. He is an associated teacher on La Universidad Nacional and is part of the researching group on social studies on science, and medicine.

For us is always a pleasure to meet nice people like our guests and our neighbors.

Carolina Briceno Veloza: our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN is committed to make friends with great people like this woman. Her love for the animal cause is gigantic. She had helped Bogota Bed & Breakfast fixing and treating medical issues on stray dogs and cats that Beatriz finds and cannot walk away from. Carolina works in Bogota but she goes as far as the Amazon to participate on sterilization days. The dream we share is to give animals a better treatment, a better life, and a chance to find lovely homes.


Our cousin German Caicedo has been a great asset for us. He has been working in the tourist industry for more than 25 years. He is passionate about Colombia and all the great things to be discovered in the different regions of this great country.


Miguel Andredy Hincapié is a friend and an ally when it comes to protecting areas and cultural heritage in Teusaquillo. We have been working with him for more than two years in ongoing processes for the preservation and promotion of the valuable heritage in the neighborhood and the city overall.


Alejandra Rendón: a friend and a great artist. We have as common interest our passion for Teusaquillo’s architectonical heritage. We have attended many meetings on how to preserve this beautiful neighborhood. Her friend, another great artist, was visiting our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN on 2016. He is Gean Franco Andreoli, a sculptor who lives and works in Italy



José David Castellanos is one of our most dear friends. We met him more than two years ago. We connected inmediatly. We have similar views regarding how to make the city of Bogota better and better . We share the same love for respecting our cultural heritage and preserving all the great things this city has to offer.

Lucero Bueno is another close friend of Bogota Bed&Breakfast INN. We met her because we were rescuing an abandoned Araucaria in the house next door to her home in the Teusaquillo neighborhood. El Tiempo wrote this article about her and her amazing job with her beautiful house:

Her close friend is Mauricio Velez, a great photographer. See:

Rubiela Garzon is one of the neighbors and friends we admire the most. She is the president of the JAC of the Teusaquillo and La Magdalena neighborhoods. She is always trying to help our community. Together we are engaged in multiple community activities such as improvement of our beautiful Teusaquillo Park and how to live better in community. We have participated in different reunions with different local authorities.

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Batman Roberto is one of our dearest friend. He is a fighter for the animals rights and a leader for the #referendoantitaurino in Colombia. Unfortunately Colombia has a history of bullfights and bullfights arenas. Batman among other animalist groups had been fighting for the end of this torture to bulls.We have been together in more than one protest against animal abuse and mistreatment. We admire his passion for this altruistic cause. He is the leader for the PATA (Protectora Ambiental contra la Tortura Animal, Environmental Protector Against Animal Torture) Foundation. Every so often they call for an adoption day. They bring stray animals that they have helped from the street, mistreatment, and abandon. People like him make our dear Colombia a much better place to live or visit.

Camila Manzanare is a great friend of Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN. We share the same passion for the animal cause and for bringing back the green to our beloved Teusaquillo. Together we have marched defending the animal cause, stopping bull fights in Bogota and in Colombia in general. Even thought she is a young woman she is a hard working person.

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Twitter: @milateusaquillo

La Nena, our friend Elizabeth, is another valuable friend. Bogota Bed and Breakfast admires her hard work aimed to preserve a piece of land near Chiquinquira, Boyaca. She worked all her life at Corpoica, a corporation for research on the agro-livestock field. Her farm is located on a dairy field where farmers raise cows for milk. They cut the forest in order to grow grass for their livestock. That area is a middle size forest with a lot of bushes and orchids, and a great variety of fauna. One of the bushes is the agraz, a tiny black berry. She is trying to help the local farmers to start harvesting this exotic fruit in order to get incomes. Her goal is to stop chopping down the trees. She also produces honey, a thick and healthy one. Also he is learning and teaching the farmers how to develop hives to make this activity a productive one.

Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN always tries to offer some of her really natural products. Cris makes a delicious marmalade that you can enjoy on breakfast time.

Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN strives to offer the best of the best in terms of food quality.

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La Nena bogota bed and breakfast inn

Los sembradores del barrio Armenia. This group of young and no so young people live in a neighborhood next to Teusaquillo. They are the Sowers of Armenia. Once upon a time the Armenia and the Teusaquillo neighborhoods used to be green: two steeps of green on sidewalks and generous courtyards. Architects from Europe came and started to the develop the area bringing European influences to the architecture of houses and neighborhoods. They changed the colonial/Spanish type houses for houses fitting better the needs of the new families with quite a lot number of kids. Parks and green areas for leisure time were given priority in this new city.

Time went by and a lot of residents moved from these two neighborhoods and cars were given more importance than the green spaces. Cement started to be the chosen element to cover sidewalks and the green faded away…  In the year 2017 a group of people from Armeria began breaking hard sidewalks and putting gardens and trees. They were a little bit inspired by Beatriz, one of the owners of our accommodation, Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN, (she had put green and planted trees in the Teusaquillo park and in a lot of sidewalks).

Their work is amazing and is one of the reasons why this area of Bogota is so unique and important. Working our communities has turned to be of the most importance. We create bonds and cultivate good feelings!! Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN invites you to explore our neighborhoods, our neighborhood live. Como to Bogota and be amazed by what you can find.