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The Narino Palace Changing of the Guard

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The Narino Palace Changing of the Guard  The Narino Palace is the house where the president of the Republic lives and works. It was built on 1908. It was designed by the  architects Gaston Lelarge from France, and Julian Lombana from Colombia. The Changing of the Guard is a [...]

Teusaquillo Heritage House

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TEUSAQUILLO HERITAGE HOUSE On August 2017 the District Secretariat of Culture, Recreation, and Sports dedicated one of its articles to our effort to preserve one of the houses in Teusaquillo representative of a time in Bogota´s Urban history. We had to dig in our records of pictures, deeds, memories and other [...]

A very Colombian Sancocho to charm an Englishman

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A VERY COLOMBIAN SANCOCHO TO CHARM AN ENGLISHMAN By Stephen Hide In the canon of Colombian cuisine, my favourite dish is Sancocho de gallina, a humble chicken stew. There is a variety of different recipes but the basics are the same: a farm hen cooked slowly over a smoky [...]

En Colombia la tierra se funde con el mar

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En Colombia la tierra se funde con el mar