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COLOMBIA, SEGURO TE VA A ENCANTAR. Photography Contest The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism had launched a Photography Contest called Colombia Seguro Te Va a Encantar (Colombia, for sure you will love it). This contest is about travelers sharing their memorable and exceptional experiences in our beautiful country, and [...]

Colombian Fruits

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OUR LAND, OUR HEART!  Colombia is a gifted country. We have a variety of landscapes, regions, cultures, and a big array of fruits.  Only if you come to Colombia you will experience the different flavors, colors, and textures of our fruits. [...]

Colombia the second happiest country in the world

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COLOMBIA, THE SECOND HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD According to Gallup International Colombia is the second happiest country in the world. Gallup International launched a survey at the end of 2017 on 55 countries. Out of 100 Colombians interviewed 88 declared to be happy. The score for Colombia [...]

5 Reasons Every Traveler Should Visit Colombia

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5 REASONS EVERY TRAVELER SHOULD VISIT COLOMBIA As Colombia continues to distance itself from its tumultuous past, it’s becoming an increasingly desirable vacation destination. A visit to Colombia means getting to know a country that still flies under the radar of most tourists, so you’ll get an authentic [...]