LOS DEL BARRIO. Teusaquillo our neighborhood.

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LOS DEL BARRIO. THE NEIGHBORHOOD! We landed in this Teusaquillo neighborhood more than five years ago, in 2013, when we bought the house. We started the process of fixing and restoring it, and preparing our house as an accommodation for your enjoyment. However we [...]

Teusaquillo Heritage House

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TEUSAQUILLO HERITAGE HOUSE On August 2017 the District Secretariat of Culture, Recreation, and Sports dedicated one of its articles to our effort to preserve one of the houses in Teusaquillo representative of a time in Bogota´s Urban history. We had to dig in our records of pictures, deeds, memories and other [...]

Parks in Bogota

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Parks in Bogota Bogota has a great variety of parks. They are sorted by their characteristics and type of activities visitors and locals can develop on their fields. At the Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN we have across the street the Parque Urapanes. Also in the Teusaquillo locality we find Parque Brasil, [...]

93 Park

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93 Park It is a nice park in the Zona Rosa. Around this park you will find restaurants, bars, and all kinds of stores. Night life in this area is huge! The Zona Rosa is anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes from Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN, depending on traffic. [...]