Colombia is one of the most open countries in South America concerning LGTBI rights. Following you will find some of the most important features that push Colombia to be at the vanguard of the LGTBI community rights and recognition:

  • In 1980 the homosexuality was declared legal.

  • Same-sex marriage is allowed in the country.

  • Homosexual couples have the same rights than heterosexual couples.

  • Since 2015 homosexual couples can adopt children.

Colombia has had important gay leaders throughout its history:

  • Claudia Lopez: she was an important political analyst that became Senator of the Republic, and now she is running for presidential candidacy for the 2018 presidential election in Colombia. She is in a relationship with Angelica Lozano, also a political figure. Angélica Lozano is a Representative for the House of Representatives of Colombia.

  • Gina Parody: has held different positions, she had been senator, SENA (National Training Service) Director, Ministry of Education, among others.

  • Cecilia Alvarez: she works for the Ministry of Treasury. She was also Minister of Transportation, and Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Cecilia Alvarez and Gina Parody are one of the most famous lesbian couple in Colombia.


Colombia was chosen the best emerging LGBTI destination in 2017 in the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid. As a LGTBI touristic destination, Bogota has an extended offer for entertainment addressed to the community, such us   bars, spas, restaurants, hotels, and stores. In general the city is open to the LGTBI community, say, all traditional touristic attractions such us museums, art galleries, parks, theaters, and guided tours. THE LGTB COLOMBIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE the CCLGTBCO since 2012 has been working on strengthening and empowering the community in both the economical and social fields. One of their targets is granting the Certificate as a Company Friendly BIZ. The most recently certificate was granted to the to Chapinero Police Station.


On September 11th 2017 in a local TV Channel Telepacifico was launched the first Reality TV Show addressed to the LGTBI community. This program goes from Monday to Friday at 5:00 pm. The purpose of the program is to highlight the talent of the young people of the LGTBI community.

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In November 1st the 4th version  of the International LGBT Business Summit was carried out in our city, Bogota. This event targets the LGBT community in the business field. It includes different topics such as:

– Tendencies

– Consumer studies

– Success cases

– Trade show of products and services aimed to the  LGBT community

– Spaces for relationships

Please check this event at