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Teusaquillo Park

Our Teusaquillo Park was designed on the 1930th when wealthy families in Bogota moved to “the North” and started buying the lots on this area. The neighborhoods were designed with spacious green spaces. Our Teusaquillo Park is a sample of this tendency. Throughout the years some of its traits had been transformed however eleven cypresses more than sixty years old have survived these changes. There is also more than ten Washingtonian Palms, and native trees and bushes. The Teusaquillo Park, it’s name now is Parque Urbanización La Esmeralda, is a place where people gather together during the day to take a break and enjoy the green of trees and grass. Some others day or night walk their dogs and even cats! Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN takes care of almost one hundred young trees and bushes in the Park. We also take care of a garden that is right across the street from our house. Our Rooms V and II have a direct view over that colorful corner.

On July of 2017 we work with neighbors and employees from the District to put down five square meters of grass in areas of the Park with no grass. We are really proud of the almost three years we have been taking care of the park planting plants, working together with the administration, Botanical Garden Jose Celestino Mutis, Aguas de Bogota, in charge of trash and beauty the city, the Environmental Secretariat, and the Board for the Community of the neighborhoods Teusaquillo y La Magdalena. We also put all our organics after processing it into the trees in the Teusaquillo Park, protect them when there are small, treat them when they are sick and trim them when necessary.

We invite you to come to our BNB and enjoy the view we have over our Teusaquillo Park in Bogota, Colombia.

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El Barrio

El Barrio (The Neighborhood) is one of the best restaurants you can find in the Park Way. Ivan, the owner, is a great guy and he takes good care of Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN guests.

We usually walk them to El Barrio and introduce them to Ivan. El barrio is 7-minutes walk from Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN. When you are in the corner of Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN on Cl 34 and look to the north you will see a street on diagonal, Cl 34 bis. You can take that street up to where the Park Way starts. At Cl 39 cross the street to your right and by the end of that block you will find El Barrio. It is safe to walk to go to El Barrio during day and night. Elbarrio’s cuisine is a mixture of Colombian fusion flavors. The average price for a great meal is $15 USD including a nice glass of wine or a delicious desert. In Bogota the tip in restaurants and cafes are included most of the time. It is 10% of the total.

As the name highlights this restaurant is a tribute to the neighborhood live, more precisely La Soledad, where it is located. They are proud of having a place with a good cuisine with a lot of creativity and Colombian products.

Elbarrio is changing its menu and soon it is going to be in English and Spanish.

We definitely recommend this place for a great meal.

Reference links: elbarrio.com facebook.com

The Parkway

  • parkway-tree-bogota-colombia-travle-hotel-bed-and-brekfast
  • parkway-tree-bogota-colombia-travle-hotel-bed-and-brekfast
  • parkway-tree-bogota-colombia-travle-hotel-bed-and-brekfast
  • parkway-tree-bogota-colombia-travle-hotel-bed-and-brekfast
  • parkway-tree-bogota-colombia-travle-hotel-bed-and-brekfast

The parkway is a wide division between two roads developed on the 1950th. It goes from Cl 34 to Cl 45 (800 mts). It is an interesting place in Bogota with all kinds of things to offer. There you will find the locals, nice places to eat, have coffee or tea, Carulla supermarket, an spacious green space, two bicycle-routes along the Park Way, a Police Station called CAI, and many other things we invite you to discover.

Reference links: bogotaturismo.gov.co wikipedia.org eltiempo.com

Patricia Garzón

Patricia Garzón is our massage person for Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN. She is our friend. When we opened the B&B she offered her services to our guests. She does relaxing massage of the whole body. She comes to our B&B to bring the service. If you feel like having a nice massage during your vacation time, this is the girl.


Sammy Ramos

Sammy Ramos is a very close friend. We meet throught our Cat Curiosity store located in what used to be the garage of our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN house. It´s been more than three years that he came in the store for the first time and fell in love with all the stuff we sell: vintage clothes, shoes, make up, US military clothes, among other curiosities.

He is a very prominent makeup artist. He works with people on the television field, international and Colombian models, and with us, his neighbors and friends.

If you come to Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN and you want to change your look, or just a simple but great hair cut, or if you feel like going party and want an amazing make up, he is the guy to call.

Como to our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN and enjoy EVERYTHING we have to offer.

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