Wetlands are very important ecosystems. They are made up by a not too deep seasonal or permanent body of water, a surrounding strep that could get flooded from time to time, and a strep of non flooded land that protects the wetland. In Bogota wetlands are part of our natural heritage and are protected areas. These particular ecosystems are very important in the social, biological, cultural fields and also are part of the main ecological structure of the District. The following links will show you how rich environmentally speaking is our city Bogota: http://ipt.biodiversidad.co/sib/resource?r=sda-ins



Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN was checking out the Humedal de Cordoba. It was a very unrealistic experience: in the middle of this huge and crowded city you get to a peaceful area, it’s just amazing! When in Bogota ask Beatriz to organize a visit to one or two of the 15 Wetlands Bogota has:

  1. Humedal Torca – Guaymaral
  2. Humedal La Conejera
  3. Humedal Córdoba
  4. Humedal Tibabuyes o Juan Amarillo
  5. Humedal Jaboque.
  6. Humedal Santa María del Lago
  7. Humedal El Burro
  8. Humedal Techovita o La Vaca
  9. Humedal de Techo
  10. Humedal Capellanía
  11. Humedal Meandro del Say
  12. Humedal Tibanica
  13. Humedal El Salitre
  14. Humedal El Tunjo
  15. Humedal La Isla