Colombia is a gifted country. We have a variety of landscapes, regions, cultures, and a big array of fruits.  Only if you come to Colombia you will experience the different flavors, colors, and textures of our fruits. Some are weird for foreigners that never had tried them. Others you can not eat too much, they will upset your stomach. You always need to wash them before eating. If you are at our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN you don’t need to worry. We wash all the fruits and put them on the table ready to safely eat them. It is not recommended eating on the street the fruits that vendors would offer you. Colombia does not have any regulations on street vendors and they are not controlled by our health department. Colombia have trees that produce big fruits, like the guanabana, or vines that produce grandilla (a sweet version of the passion fruit), palms that give fruits like chontaduro, bushes that produce uchuvas, and so on. We invite you to come and try a lot of them. It is an amazing experience. When in Bogota, at our guesthouse, you can ask direction and the way to go to the farmers market Paloquemao. There you will get to see a lot of commun and weird fruits.  At our BNB, like in a lot of hotels in Colombia, you will be offered fresh squeeze orange juice everyday. Take advantage when in our beautiful country, and try them. In our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN you can request for special fruits. If we don’t have them we will get them.