Forbes had pointed the city of Bogota as one of the touristic destinations travelers around the world should visit on 2019. Out of the three most important touristic destinations in Colombia, Medellin, Cartagena y Bogota D.C., Bogota is getting the most traffic: with 63 museums, a growing recognition as exquisite gastronomy destination, art districts, a whole gay friendly neighborhood, Chapinero, bicycle -route on Sundays and holidays, and bicycle-paths, friendly people, and much more, Bogota gets what it needs to be recognize as a touristic city and important destination.

We invite you to read this article that the Colombian magazin, SEMANA, issued on January 2019. It explains the three main reasons why Bogota is a touristic city. Also, we invite you to come to Colombia, and  when in Bogota, stay with us.We can help you with anything you may need during your visit. Click here