When planning your next vacation it’s not only important to choose your destination, but also to make the best of your budget. According to Eurostat Statistics, about 68 % of the money goes to transportation and accommodations; only 32% goes to food, attractions, and other activities like shopping.

Latin America is an attractive touristic destination due to all that you can find there: different climates, cultural heritages, gastronomy, architecture showing different influences, history, and a tremendous biodiversity among other things. However, how to choose the place? If you already had made the decision to visit Latin America, here we will give you ten solid reasons to come to Bogota and do more with the same budget.

Although Bogota is the capital of Colombia, as a touristic destination can be cheaper than other main cities in the country like Cartagena, Santa Marta, and San Andres, even less expensive than other mayor cities in Latin America.

  1. Gastronomy: Bogota has a rich and very competitive gastronomic experience to offer. You can enjoy a home type lunch, that includes fruit juice, soup, and dessert for $ 4 USD, or tamale (corn or rice dough with meats rich in flavor, covered in biao or banana leaves. For more information see for $2.5 UDS. If you visit a food market in Bogota besides enjoying the world of colors of fruits, vegetables and flowers, you can have a great breakfast or lunch, like a fish or hen soup (sancho de gallina or sancho de pescado for no more than $3 USD. We recommend the Paloquemao farmers market to try all this world of fruits, meals and flavors.

Being a tropical country, Colombia has excellent weather to grow fruits and vegetables. Bogota has fruits coming from all over the country. Throughout the year you can enjoy delicious, natural, fresh fruit juices for approximately $ 1.5 USD. On the other hand, in a nice restaurant you can have a delicious meal with a glass of wine for $10 – 20 USD. There are a lot of choices to pick your next meal: typical food from Bogota or Colombia, international, fusion, vegetarian, vegan, French, and Italian among others. Colombia is part of a program sponsored by Visa, Visa Tuesday, that offers discounts in restaurants when paying with Visa Credit card. For more information, see the previous link.

  1. Museums and attractions: the cost of tickets to enter the different museums in Bogota is around $ 1.5 – 2 USD. Some museums are free the last weekend of every month, or free like the Botero Museum. For elderly people over 63 years old, tickets have discounts. The Gold Museum has no fee for this group of people. For more information, see How to spend your days in Bogota in this web page.

  2. City tours: the district of Bogota offers free tours in English in the historical area of the city, La Candelaria, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, you will find art exhibitions or music shows in the streets especially in Bogota’s downtown.

  3. Free Wi-Fi: the city has around six areas with free Wi-Fi. Most hotels, malls, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops have free Wi-Fi.

  4. Public transportation: with the right information about Bogota´s public transportation, using public transportation could be very useful and inexpensive. To go around in the Transmilenio system see Using the yellow taxis, say, from the airport to the city downtown will be around $8 – 10 UDS. You can also use Uber or download the App Tappsi. This is a safe way to travel around Bogota. You can see the cost of the service, tag, and driver’s name. Taking a taxi is not expensive at all in Bogota For more information about the local currency, see Travel Smart, in this web page. Bogota is also a bicycle friendly city: it has more than 220 miles of cycle paths (see )

  5. Music festivals and street shows: the city offers free music festivals during the year, Rock al parque, Salsa al Parque, Jazz al Parque, among others (see Every two years the city runs a huge and unique Theater Festival, Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, which offers a lot of street shows in different parts of the city. In general going to theater won’t be more than $45 USD, it could be as low as $10 USD.

  6. Distrito Graffiti: the city is the sponsor and promotes urban art providing areas where the artists can perform their shows and paint in huge walls in Bogota. Distrito Graffiti is an activity where the city invites national and international urban artists. During a week they work in those walls. Everybody can go and watch this show. It is an event to see! It’s also free.

  7. Having coffee: Colombia is well known as a coffee country. Besides Juan Valdes Coffee stores, in Bogota you can find a great number of nice places for coffee. You can enjoy a very tasty cup of coffee at a very low price, and also see the process of making coffee. There is also delicious local bakeries where you won’t spend more than $ 5 USD for coffee and a very well done dessert.

  8. Shopping: if you want to buy handcrafts in the downtown area of Bogota you can go to Pasaje Rivas, This place was inspired in Parisian shopping places. There you can buy different local products at very low prices.

And the last that we call the number ten reason is two reasons: in terms of accommodations and hotel expenses you can find a lot of options, from hostels for $ 10 USD to hotels for $ 300 USD per night. Bogota Bed & Breakfast INN as accommodation offers a very convenient cost/benefit option. For no more than $ 75 USD in double accommodation, you can have a comfortable room, free Wi-Fi, different options for breakfast, coffee and tea throughout the day. In addition, an excellent location not too far from the historic district La Candelaria. We are rated number 1 in Tripadvisor for our solid commitment to make your vacation a memorable time. See

There is another reason to come to Colombia: it’s people. We are a happy country. Despite of the problems the country had gone through we are happy people. You will be touched by our warmth and helpful attitude. For more information on this particular characteristic see and

Don’t hesitate, come to Colombia, visit Bogota, and stay at Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN.

Do the math and keep this information in mind when you are planning your next vacation, come and visit Bogota.