Another Day in Bogota you-can tour around teusaquillo

You will start the day having a delicious breakfast in our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN: fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh Colombian fruits, French toasts, tamales, pancakes, homemade bread, homemade marmalade made out of exotic fruits, melao de panela are some of things we have to offer. After breakfast you can leave the house and head to Caleidoscopio. This place is Lucero Bueno’s art gallery and art workshop.

Lucero Bueno is a recognized artist. She is from Cali but she moved to Bogota live many years ago. Her art gallery Caleidoscopio is two blocks away from our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN. In the same building she has her Refugio, where she lives with her boyfriend Mauricio Velez, a photographer and clay artist.

We met her rescuing a tree. Together we share our love for the horticulture and our passion for bringing back to our beautiful neighborhood, Teusaquillo, its green character it used to have in the 1930s and 1940s.

Some of our guests when staying at our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN have visited her interesting place. Some have bought beautiful art objects that now adorn their homes and lives.

If you are staying in our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN please ask Beatriz to bring you there, it´s worth!

The visit is about one and a half hour. She is really kind. She would tell you about her work, how everything she uses comes from recycled material: iron, wood, leaves, glass, old objects, car parts, etc. She would explain how she does not use anything that could harm the planet. In her art she presents part of our dear country´s Colombian history: some decades of kidnapping, mine fields, deforestation, times of hope, times of creation. She also would invite you to share with her a nice cup of tea in her Refugio.

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After this local art introduction you can head to the Park Way to stroll around and see our neighborhood’s life. There you will share our neighbor’s lives: walking their dogs, most of them rescued, sitting on the benches talking, running, jogging, shopping in Carulla –a very complete supermarket in the area.

When you are done with the Park Way, head to El Barrio restaurant –our favorite restaurant in Teusaquillo. They serve a combination of Colombian food transformed by the owner and chef: Ivan. We translated his menu to English. If you don’t know the area we will give you directions or walk you from our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN to the Park Way.

After this nice introduction to our “barrios” Teusaquillo and La Magdalena’s life you can head to the National Museum (Museo Nacional de Colombia).

The National Museum is the oldest museum in the nation and one of the oldest in Latin America. The Congress of Colombia’s first Republic funded this museum on 1823. The National Museum of Colombia had been relocated several times. Now it is located in the building that back in the 1900s was the Central Penitentiary.

Its walls are home for many paintings and sculptures from Colombian artists. However it has several masterpieces from all over the world. You will also find there Pre-Hispanic pieces of art.

In the National Museum of Colombia your will see permanent expositions and itinerant expositions. This National Museum is a really pretty and informative museum. You can check its web page at: and /museonacionaldecolombia

There are other interesting art places in Teusaquillo: La Casa del Teatro Nacional: and Casa Ensamble: In this way you will have spend a nice day in Teusaquillo. For you information, in Teusaquillo we have artists, restaurants, bars, areas to stroll, beautiful houses, we are close to many interesting places, the massive transportation system is three blocks from our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN, we are close to the famous Farmer´s Market Paloquemao, close to the airport, we have La 33 orchestra in Calle 33, Andrea Echeverri lives four blocks away from our house… Teusaquiullo leaves nothing to be desired. Come to our beautiful country, come to Bogota, we will help on anything you need!