La Candelaria

A world of history and interesting places: you can walk from Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN to La Candelaria. Make sure you ask us for our map with the nice and safe route. It is a 45 minutes walk. You can also take a taxi on the street, Beatriz will help you with that. The price of this ride is around $8.000 COP. And there is the Uber option. You can use Uber in Bogota, even if you don’t have data. A lot of restaurants and cafes have free Wi-Fi. Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN is a 10/20 minutes ride far from La Candelaria, depending on traffic. To estimate taxi fares time your rides, the meters are set for about a $1,000 COP per minute. A ten minute ride will be near or about 10K COP, a 25 minute ride about 25K COP and so on. There are a few times taxis have a 5K COP surcharge, nights weekends and some holidays. For the most part Uber is almost half the price of a taxi and you see the price before you take the ride (our personal recommendation!). Uber is not recommended when it is raining or rush hour. It would go up to three times the normal price for the ride.

Back to La Candelaria: our Capital District, Bogota D.C., has an online map exclusive for La Candelaria.

La Candelaria is the area in Bogota that congregates the most attractions. Among them there is the gold piece that originates the to la candaelaria from bogota bnb innLeyenda de El Dorado (Gold Museum), the place where the conspirators gathered the night before to the Independence Day (Grito de la Independencia), and an array of museums that includes collections of global, colonial, and contemporary art.

The total is more than 80 places worth seeing due to its cultural value.

In this historic area you will find:

1.   Plaza de Bolívar (Bolivar Square)
2.   Catedral Primada (Primate Cathedral)
3.   Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez (Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center)
4.   Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango (Luis Angel Arango Library)
5.   Casa de la Moneda y Museo Botero (Coin Museum and Botero Museum)
6.   Museo de Arte del Banco de la República (Bank of the Republic Art Museum),
7.   Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo (Quevedo Stream Square)
8.   Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)
9.   Santuario de Monserrate (Monserrate Sanctuary)
10. Iglesia de San Francisco (San Francisco Church)
11. Capitolio Nacional (National Capitol)
12. Palacio Liévano (Lievano Palace)
13. Capilla del Sagrario (Tabernacle Chapel)
14. Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé (San Bartolome Residence Hall)
15. Plaza Rufino José Cuervo (Rufino Jose de Cuervo Square)
16. Museo de Trajes Regionales (Regional Costume Museum)
17. Palacio de Nariño (Narino Palace)
18. Archivo General de la Nacion (Nation General Archive)
19. Museo Arqueológico (Archeological Museum)
20. Templo de San Agustín (San Agustin Temple)
21. Claustro de San Agustín (San Agustin Cloister)
22. Museo del Siglo XIX (XIX Century Museum)
23. Observatorio Astronómico (Astronomical Observatory)
24. Iglesia Museo de Santa Clara (Santa Clara Church/Museum)
25. Casa de los Comuneros (Community Members House)
26. Museo del 20 de Julio (20th of July Museum)
27. Museo de Arte Colonial (Colonial Art Museum)
28. Palacio de San Carlos (San Carlos Palace)
29. Teatro Colon (Colon Theater)
30. Museo Militar (Military Museum)
31. Iglesia de La Candelaria (La Candelaria Church)
32. Museo Bogota (Bogota Museum)
33. Iglesia de Egipto (Egypt Church)
34. Avenida Jimenez (Jimenez Avenue)
35. Parque de la Periodistas (Journalist Park)
36. Quinta de Bolivar (Bolivar Rest House)
37. Plazoleta del Rosario (Rosario Square)
38. Plaza de San Victorino (San Victorino Square)
39. Parque Santander (Santander Park).

Apart from that you can walk through streets and find amazing graffiti on the walls. Walking Carreras 3 and 4 between Calles 14 and 3 you will find some of the most emblematic ones.

The streets grids run as follows: calles West – East and Carreras North – South. To go to La Candelaria from Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN you have to go South and East.

Tips when walking La Candelaria: bring with you only what you need. You can bring your cell phone, money and camera, but always pay attention to your belongings. You can use your credit card to pay in cafes and restaurants. Bring with you only the amount of money you think you are going to need. If you are using a back pack do not put your important belongings in the back, keep them in your hotel or in your pocket. Bogota is as unsafe as any other big city in the world.

We hope you enjoy this piece of information. If you have any other question feel free to contact us.