We landed in this Teusaquillo neighborhood more than five years ago, in 2013, when we bought the house. We started the process of fixing and restoring it, and preparing our house as an accommodation for your enjoyment. However we never imagined we were in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in the city of Bogota.  Teusaquillo was developed in the begging of the XX century. Wealthy families came to build the houses of their dreams: big and unique houses with european touches. Our bed and breakfast is a spanish type small castle. City TV is a TV channel in Bogota, Colombia. They were interested in our accommodation and house. They came to make a video of our Teusaquillo neighborhood. They wanted to record interesting places and people. We helped them finding them. It was fun. They were impressed for everything Teusaquillo has to offer. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Come to Bogota and stay in our bed and breakfast, located in Teusaquillo.