One day trip: Choachi, La Chorrera, happy hens and more

First you will pass the National Park (a green protected area part of the Eastern Mountains of Bogota.  The road will keep on going up and you will get to the first stop on the trip: The Mount Guadalupe. It is one of the two picks that guard the city of Bogota. The other one is Monserrate. In mount Guadalupe you will be amazed by the view of the city.

This very interesting tour will continue and, as you get farther from Bogota, you will reach one of the most biologically important ecosystems in the planet. There is no equivalent environment anywhere else on the earth: the paramo. They are ecosystems above the forest line and underneath the permanent snowline. Colombia has the majority of the paramos in the world. To get more information about paramos in the world and in Colombia see

Part of the trip -if you are interested in visiting- is going to the farm where Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN buys happy eggs from free-range hens to be served for breakfast. It is a whole experience being surrounded by hundreds of friendly hens. You can stop there, take pictures and see how is the life of hens that are not mistreated.

In the path there is La Chorrera, a staggered stream. In fact it is the highest stream in Colombia, the sixth in South America, and the sixtieth in the world. The place is beautiful: nature all around you!

You can end the day going to have lunch in a very typical restaurant, located in an old house in the town Choachi. The food is delicious, great service, and the price is really good. The town is pretty; you can walk around and prepare yourself to go back to our accommodation in Bogota.

When in our bed and breakfast you can ask Beatriz or Rick about this trip and others one-day trips. You can discover a lot in one day and visit interesting and beautiful places. These things are possible in our accommodation. We do everything and more to help our guests to have an unforgettable experience.