This trip is very special: is long, but there are two important stops before arriving to the beautiful town Villa de Leyva.

Bogota is located in the Cundinamarca state. Heading North from Bogota the first state we will find is Boyaca. Both states are in what is called the Cundi-boyacense savanna. In this savanna the dairy products are huge, also growing flowers and flower crops. The landscape is green, a lot of cows and crops.

You will start the day at about 8 a.m. with a nice breakfast at our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN. The first stop is three hours from Bogota, the town of Raquira. This is a little town with a big clay industry. The pots full of plants we have in our Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN courtyard were bought there. Our BNB loves to support Colombian industries and artisans.
In Raquia you can spend 30 minutes. The town is pretty. You can grab something to eat there and take nice pictures for memories. The next stop is Casa Terracota, a fantasy of backed clay turned into a home. You will be amazed by the great work put in walls and objects on that house. The house is 5,381 square feet. The architect Octavio Mendoza is the designer. It is a real work of art; it is named to be the largest clay object in the world. After this experience you will head to Villa de Leyva. It would be good if you first check this online guide about Villa de Leyva: It’s very informative and complete.

There are two options for this trip: whether you come back the same day to our BNB, or you stay over night in the town. You can talk to us about this. At Villa de Leyva there are a lot of Colombians and foreigners that had opened great restaurants. Bogota Bed and Breakfast INN recommends Mercado Municipal, great food and beautiful garden. Please check out: that is a nice site to check out the beauty of this town.

A lot of important reporters and newspapers around the globe had put their eyes on this fascinating little town. Check this article from El Pais, de España: