Top Things To Do In Bogota

Bogotá, the capital and largest city of Colombia, with more than 7 million residents. It is home to a vibrant restaurant scene, world-class museums, surprising wild nightlife and a charming colonial quarter with classical and progressive architecture that makes it one of the greatest and most beautiful cities on earth. More than everything, Bogotá is all about its people; warm, charming, sophisticated and stylish.

The Botero Museum – Situated in a renovated colonial house in the heart of Bogota’s historical center, the Botero Museum houses one of Latin America’s most important international art collections. It showcases the paintings and sculptures of Colombia’s famed artist, Fernando Botero, known for his depictions of exaggeratedly overweight subjects and fruits.

Cerro de Monserrate – High upon the Andes Mountains, watching over the city, is Cerro de Monserrate a 3,152 meter (10,341 ft) mountain in the middle of the city. It offers one of the most magnificent and panoramic views of the city of Bogotá. Get there by taking the cable car ride. There is a church with a shrine up there, restaurants and a market for souvenirs and local delicacies such as coca tea.

Plaza de Bolivar – Plaza de Bolivar is the main square in the La Candelaria neighborhood, the heart of the historical and political area of Bogotá, filled with vendors, tourists, and friendly pigeons. The square features the National Capitol building, the city mayor’s office, Palace of Justice and the Cathedral of Bogota. On the square stands a statue of Simón Bolivar. The statue was created in 1846 by Italian Pietro Tenerani. It is the first public monument in Bogota.

La Candelaria – La Candelaria is the historical and cultural center of the city, It is undoubtedly the bohemian neighborhood of Bogota and the place to be. Packed with locals and tourists, It is a great place to walk around and lose yourself in the quaint alleyways and the cobblestone streets; house to many Spanish colonial buildings, wooden cathedrals and street art everywhere.

Casa de Nariño – The Casa de Nariño is the official home and principal workplace of the President of Colombia. From 1765, this was the home where one of the most significant heroes of the independence process was raised: Antonio Nariño y Alvarez. In spite of the fact that people usually view the palace from the outside, the interior is a highly recommended visit, but you will need to book well in advance. However, the guided tour is free and perhaps the most interesting in the city. Inside, you can see some of the country’s most iconic art, decoration, and politics.

Zona Rosa – Zona Rosa has become one of Bogota’s trendiest and most upscale neighborhoods. With so many high-end restaurants, malls, boutique stores, European-style bars, luxurious lounges and exclusive nightclubs, Zona Rosa is Bogota’s major nightlife district. If you like clubbing, you will find many options from mixes of western music and Colombian music to techno and electronic pop. The Zona Rosa is also home to the Chapinero, an LGBT-friendly area with a large concentration of gay and lesbian bars and clubs.

Gold Museum – The renovated Gold Museum is the most popular and most rewarding museum in Colombia. Here you will discover how metals, especially gold, were used in the prehispanic societies that used to live in the area which today is Colombia. There are 3 floors filled with more than 6,600 pieces on display from archeological sites across Colombia including masks, breastplates, crowns, bowls, jewelry, offerings and armor. it’s a dramatic walk through Colombia’s rich and fascinating history with gold production.

Just So You Know…

  • By the end of 2012, Colombia was crowned the happiest country in the world.

  • It’s no secret that one of Bogota’s best-known treasures are its very beautiful women.

  • Visit Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park on a sunny day – the massive park that is the city’s largest and is larger than New York’s Central Park. The park is the city’s hot spot for concerts, sporting events, and even has a large central lake where you can go paddle boating.

  • If you come during the summer, check out the Carnaval de Bogotá: held on August 5-6 to celebrate Bogota’s founding, the carnival is a festive event honoring Colombia’s diversity with Comparsas, parades of folkloric groups, celebrations in suburban streets with dances, music, games and gastronomy from different regions of the country.

  • Santamaria Bull Ring – Bullfighting is a celebrated sport. The ring holds 14,500 people and it’s worth a visit.

  • Visit the National Museum housing collections history, art, and culture, is the biggest and oldest museum in Colombia.

  • Take the Bogota Graffiti Tour for free – Bogota is widely appreciated for its street art.

  • Grab A Bite: Café Rec is all about freshly ground coffee while promoting and sharing musical culture.Masa with the best croissants in the city. Matiz is one of the best fine cuisine restaurants in Bogotá. Merlín Café with quiet dinner in an intimate setting. Restaurante El Boliche with excellent Italian food and a fun atmosphere. Andres Carne de Res about 30 minutes drive from the city, Colombian food with a focus on grilled meat steak dinner and a wild night of partying. La Jugueteria kitschy and creepy Place with delicious Food.

  • Eat Ajiaco for Lunch at least once, it is a thick and hearty soup consists of shredded chicken.