This article from The Telegraph, UK, is pretty extensive and detailed. It would give you at least some solid reasons to come to Colombia despite the still lingering idea that our country is super dangerous and that you will be kidnapped as soon as you get off the plane. Yes, Colombia could be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to travel and where to go. However this happens in many touristic renowned destinations in the globe. We have met tourists that had gone to safe places in Colombia that we never heard of, and this article from The Telegraph does not mention. You can check out this web page from one of our dearest guest (Australia) and also from another great guest (Germany)

Bogota As a accommodation that wants the best and safer for our guests we are willing to help you discovering and exploring the city of Bogota and also we can give you advice on how to travel Colombia. It’s all about open your mind and listen to the new voices that are promoting Colombia as a enjoyable and safe destination. Click here