Barichara is a small and quite town in the Santander State, six hours ride from Bogota. Its main characteristics are its Colonial architecture, beautiful churches, and cobol stone roads. When you travel Colombia you may think there is only three important destinations to visit: Cartagena, Medellin, and Bogota.

We invite you to check out other important state: Santander. It is located north to Bogota, after the Boyaca State heading north. It has many Colonial towns to see and visit: San Gil, Giron, Zapatoca, Floridablanca, and Barichara among others. You can check this article from El Pais, Spain: Click here. This well-known newspaper wrote an article about the 21 beautiful towns in Colombia. Barichara is one of them.

You can get to Barichara flying from Bogota to Bucaramanga, and after by bus to Barichara. It is worth renting a car and travel all those little and beautiful towns.

Barichara had became a hallmark for preserving the Colonial technics to build houses. Also for cultural experiences and handcraft technics. As for the environment, its community is committed to preserve the Endemic flora and fauna. They also have a special treatment for stray dogs and cats. They take care of them and they dogs don’t roam around the streets in hunger. They are well kept.