Transmicable is our new transportation massive system in Bogota. It connects the city with poor neighborhoods on the hills of Bogota. On its first year it moved more than seven and a half millions of people among locals and tourists.

It has three stops. On each stop there are employees welcoming you and helping you to get in or off the carts. There are 163 carts that never stop. The last station is located on the top of a hill. There you will find little places to eat or have a bear. You can also walk around since those areas are now safe places.

Ciudad Bolivar used to be a very dangerous area in Bogota. However Transmicable had brought security, money from the District, tourism, and development.

The District painted by colors segments with houses on the whole scenery, and on tall walls artists painted beautiful murals. The result is an interesting mix of colors, bricks, and figures on the walls.

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